Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Handsome young lad

This handsome young lad is Frankie Ujlaky posing at the time of his Confirmation. Notice the Bible or prayer book in his hands. (Click on the photo to view it up close.)

I believe this photo was taken around 1918-1920, although I have yet to confirm it with church records. More than likely Frankie had his confirmation at St. Stephen of Hungary Catholic Church in Manhattan. All of his little sisters had been baptized there and it remained the family's church for many years, even after their move to Staten Island.

Frankie was a talented young man with an interest in art. According to his sisters, he did gold leaf lettering at age 17. He even had business cards printed up for his services. (One was found in the attic of the family's home in Staten Island years after the family had moved - 1990. It was thoughtfully returned to Wilma for safekeeping.)

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