Monday, December 13, 2010

A blessed holiday season to you from 100 Years in America

Thanks to my faithful 100 Years in America readers who have checked back here for updates every now and then over the past year.  I have neglected to "officially" announce that I was taking a break from blogging this year because I really haven't wanted to do so.  Yet here it is almost Christmas!

I hope you'll find me here at 100 Years in America more often during 2011 than I have been in the recent past.  Have a wonderful holiday season and I hope you'll take some time to visit some of my earlier Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories articles and pay a few more visits back here in 2011!

My family's Hungarian Kifli recipe (otherwise known as "Gramma's Christmas Cakes") is one of my holiday favorites.


  1. Warm Christmas wishes right back at you! I'm sure you have been kept really busy this last year, but am very glad to see you back. The Kifli look delicious.

  2. Lisa - I told understand the need for a break. I've neglected my blog as well. In fact, I'd just written a post about what I'm doing to get myself "back on track."

  3. Hi Lisa,
    Lovely site and paean to your ancestors -- and how their journey reflects so much of what all our immigrant ancestors went through to make America their home. Your site name resonates because 2010 is the 100th year anniversary of my grandfather - LEAVING his tiny home town in Transylvania (then also considered Hungary -- Austro-Hungarian Empire) now Romania, on Christmas Eve. He kept a diary of his harrowing adventure which I'll post starting on 12/24.

    I started my blog to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the earliest missive I have in my collection of scores of diaries and letters that reveal a humanity we all share. Hope you'll check out my blog,
    Family Archaeologist.

  4. I've come back to your blog again to visit. I've given you the Ancestor Approved Award. I’m impressed with the layout and content of your blog. You can learn more about it and get the image at this post on my blog:
    I didn’t see the Award logo on your site. If you've already received the award, and I missed it, well here ya go again. No obligation to redo the list nor find 10 more blogs.

  5. Hi,
    I just selected your blog for the Ancestor Approved Award. You can go to my site to get the picture and post it on your wall. Good job with your blog.


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