Monday, December 9, 2013

My new Hungarian Genealogy QuickGuide™: Trace your roots in the land of the Magyars

Hungary’s legacy as a nation extends back a millennium, and its people (and diaspora) are proud of their great heritage, myself included. As a child I was intrigued by the idea that my own grandfather had been born in a different country a world away. I grew up with the tastes and smells of Hungarian Gulyás (goulash), Töltött káposzta (stuffed cabbage), Csirke paprikás (chicken paprika), and Kifli from my grandmother's kitchen. It was only natural to me to want to learn more about this country that figured so largely in the lives of my grandparents and to want to delve into my Hungarian family tree.

My Hungarian Genealogy QuickGuide™
is a resource for both experienced researchers
and those new to tracing their Hungarian roots
After the recent success of my Croatian Genealogy and Catholic Genealogy QuickGuides™, I decided to focus on sharing the resources and research tips I've found while tracing my Hungarian roots. In partnership with Legacy Family Tree, I am pleased to present a brand new aid in your search for roots in the land of the Magyars: my Hungarian Genealogy QuickGuide™, a downloadable resource that includes -
  • An overview of the history and geography of Hungary (as a nation and as part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire)
  • Details about the types and whereabouts of available civil and church records
  • A description of the various types of archives and repositories that house Hungarian records
  • An introduction to the languages in which Hungarian records were written
  • Links to many types of online resources (genealogy guides, translation tools, maps, forums, blogs and more)
  • A list of genealogy-related publications in both English and Hungarian
  • A research strategy to follow for success in tracing your Hungarian roots

The search for roots within the age-old kingdom of Hungary, though often made complex by various languages and border changes, can be a greatly rewarding experience. Hungary has long been a crossroads, and Hungarian ancestors’ histories and records of genealogical interest are intertwined with neighboring countries and the empires and occupiers that ruled the area over the centuries.

If you have ancestors who emigrated from Hungary and would like to begin to trace or continue to deepen your knowledge of your family tree, I hope you'll allow me to share what I've learned with you.


Update: I am pleased to announce that all three of my genealogy guides are now available as Amazon Kindle eBooks. Whether you have a Kindle (or use the free Kindle app on your computer, tablet or smartphone) you can now have handy access to these guides in eBook format.

What's the difference? The PDF downloads are in a compressed format and make the guide compact for easier printing and sliding into the rings of a notebook. The eBooks include the same content laid out into book format, so they have more pages. They would use up more paper if printed, yet are easily scrollable using a Kindle or Kindle app.

For more details about the other QuickGuides™ I've authored, see: My new Catholic Genealogy QuickGuide™: Let me help you find those Catholic ancestors and My new Croatian Genealogy QuickGuide™: Journey with me back to your roots in Croatia.

Happy researching!

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