Wednesday, August 22, 2012

J and K are for... Just Kidding!

Well, I started off a few weeks late on the Family History Through the Alphabet Challenge. My plan was to work at a faster pace than the folks who were posting a letter a week. I'd catch up in a matter of weeks and then work through the rest of the alphabet along with them.

I was off to a great start, until... Life got in the way!

So, here I am, still at letter I (well, K if you count this one!). The rest of the group is at letter O. I'm not sure at this point if I have a chance to catch up with the group, but I have some great ideas for themed posts to go with the letters L through Z, so I'll keep trudging forward. Now that the fall semester has arrived, it may take me awhile to get to Z, but here goes!

(I know, I know... this post is actually cheating a little - since I didn't tie in any family history related subjects to these letters - but I make the rules over here at 100 Years in America, don't I?!!) :)

Read on for some more fascinating posts featuring the history of my family's one-hundred years in America, beginning with the letter L!


  1. There's no time limit on this challenge and no requirement to complete all letters.... so do what and when you can and we'll enjoy them whenever they appear.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement, Jill! You're right, but just like a kid who is playing that Find All the Letters of the Alphabet game, I feel like I need to finish. ;)

    I'll be giving it my best try, anyway.

  3. Lisa, Jill has said it perfectly. While a new letter does go out each week - just do what you can, when you can, no hurry. Besides I've decided it's better to take the time to do justice to my ancestors, even if it does make me behind in the Alphabet Challenge.


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