Wednesday, February 4, 2009

For those of us that are Hungarian-language-challenged... at least gives us a hope of taking baby steps toward translation!

Google Translate has just added seven new languages: Albanian, Estonian, Galician, Maltese, Thai, Turkish and Hungarian! I was happy to announce last May that Google Translate had added the Croatian language to their repertoire. Now they have added the other primary language of my Eastern European ancestors. What joy! The only thing more that I could ask for is a Kajkavian language translation tool. Anyone at Google have time to fit that one into the schedule?

Thanks to Janos Bogardi of RadixLog for announcing the addition of Hungarian to Google Translate. You might also want to check out another online Hungarian translation tool that he recommends: web translation (
web forditas) at

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  1. And if you still have some items to figure out after running it through translation tools (they do less well with complex syntax and obscure terms), give me a shout.


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