Tuesday, July 8, 2008

New Hungarian genealogy research guide

Lisa Alzo's article on Hungarian genealogical research just arrived in my mailbox yesterday as part of the September 2008 issue of Family Tree Magazine. I haven't dug through the entire "Hungary for History" article yet, but it looks to be pretty comprehensive - certainly a good place to start out your search for Hungarian family history.

According to Lisa Alzo's bio at the end of the article, she has "sampled Hungarian records while researching Slovak ancestors". Looks like she's made quite a diversion into Hungarian genealogy along the way. Her article gives a step by step approach to searching for family in Hungary which includes gaining a background understanding of its history and geography, using U.S. sources to find the place of origin in Hungary, and then moving to Hungarian church and civil records. The guide is full of good tips, some that I have learned the hard way by trial and error in my own Hungarian family history search.

Want to get started but don't have a copy of the magazine? Download Family Tree Magazine's PDF file with all the weblinks from the latest issue including those related to Hungarian genealogy.

You can also check out a few other tips in articles that I've posted here at 100 Years in America on Hungarian genealogy such as:
Happy travels into Hungarian family history!

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