Sunday, April 20, 2008

Historical Yugoslav maps, oh my!

Just when I thought my little digression into maps was over for a time, I've been notified of another wonderful group of topographical resources to enjoy finding my way through.

Thanks to Janos Bogardi's discovery while browing, I can wind my way through old military maps covering Croatia from the early 20th-century along with a large collection of maps covering the former Yugolavia, including today's Slovenia, Serbia, Crna Gora (Montenegro) and the one I'm currently most interested in: Croatia.

Janos was kind enough to dig through these links and find me a direct link to the map covering the area in present-day Croatia around the confluence of the Drava and Mura Rivers, including my ancestors' very own villages of Donja Dubrava and Legrad. (Shown below - click on the map or follow the link above to zoom in for easier viewing.)

Did I mention how much I appreciate Janos Bogardi's Radix: Genealogy Research in Hungary website? His site and RadixLog are a treasure-trove of information for Hungarian (and it seems various Eastern European) heritage-seekers like myself. Stop by for a visit to see what other genealogical finds he might have in store for you.


  1. Was happy to find this collection and to share it with anyone interested :)

  2. Thank you for this blog!!! I read a tip about the ne on the hubands last name...and this weekend I found my GG grandmother on Ellis Island's site


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