Saturday, July 14, 2007


Yesterday, July 13, was the feast of St. Margareta, the patron saint of the village of Donja Dubrava, Croatia, the birthplace of Ferencz Ujlaki, my great-grandfather. St. Margareta's Day and the Sunday following it are known as Prošćenje and are the most celebrated days of the year in Donja Dubrava.

Happy Prošćenje!

Thanks very much to a current resident of Donja Dubrava for the information. Although it is written in Croatian, you may enjoy taking a look at photos of the town's festivities at this webpage. While you're there, take the time to sign into the guest book on this webpage. Here's a little Croatian guest book lexicon for you:

Ime i prezime ---- name and surname
E mail---your e mail
Lokacija----your location
Komentar----------your message

Then press Pošalji---send
(Obriši is delete)

The residents of the town are very much aware of the exodus to America that occurred a century ago (including our family members) and would enjoy hearing from relatives/friends overseas. Please take the time to sign in and send your greeting if you would like.

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