Friday, July 13, 2007

Legrad's Catholic Church

The above photo (and the inscription on the back) was sent to Grammy Ulaky and her family from someone back home in what was then Yugoslavia sometime after World War II. The church in the picture is the Catholic Church in Legrad where Grammy and her husband (Ilona & Ferencz) were married in 1905. It looked much better in the earlier photo I posted.

A native Croatian speaker has kindly translated the inscription on the back of the photo. The message is as follows:

Dear Lady Miss,

I'm sending you the picture of our lovely church, which was destroyed in World War II and is very damaged. No one is starting to do anything about it or starting repairs. We are afraid that the church tower is very damaged and that it can't stand in this condition longer. It can crumble any time and destroy four church bells and the organ. Please ask the generous Croatian people there who can send us some money for the first necessary repairs. I hope in God's and in your help.

According to the translator, the church is still in need of some repair even today.

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