Saturday, June 2, 2012

Longevity runs in the family: Celebrating 5 years of 100 Years in America!

Me with my great-grandmother 
If you know anything about me - the author of 100 Years in America, Small-leaved Shamrock and A light that shines again, contributing writer at The Catholic Gene, and hostess of the Carnival of Irish Heritage and Culture (currently on holiday) - you know that I am proud of my heritage.

My ancestors have passed down to me an incredibly rich treasure: my personal Hungarian, Croatian and Irish family history. I have discovered it in little bits and pieces over the course of my life so far, beginning as a child when I began asking small questions to more serious research as a genealogist. From "Please help me fill out this pedigree chart, Gramma. What was your Dad's name?" to "Hello, I'm looking for the naturalization records for [my great-great-great-grandfather]. I believe that may be located at your NARA facility." My personal research has, as many other family historians have experienced, been a journey that becomes grander and more exciting with each new discovery, leading me on new paths toward different families, cultures and places within my family's past.

Five years ago I logged onto Blogger for the first time, with the bright (and I thought original) idea of sharing my family history discoveries with my extended family. Half a decade has passed, and I've been greatly blessed in many ways through my blogging efforts - reconnecting with family (known and previously unknown), making new genealogy discoveries through my online presence, and being a part of a vibrant community of other family history writers who share my passion for telling the stories of our past.

Time sure flies! It has been five years since Smallest Leaf made her debut, and thanks to my busy family, I've had a few lulls over the years here at this blog, but longevity runs in my family so you can be sure that 100 Years in America will be around for a long time!


  1. Thanks, Bill. You and I go back a long ways as far as blogging years go!


  2. Happy Fifth Blogiersity. When I started blogging, 100 years in America immediately caught and kept my attention. Wow, and do I understand the lulls -- life just keeps on a'comin' at us.

  3. Happy for you :) For sure you'll be here for a very long time.

  4. Congratulations on your 5th blogiversary. 5 years is a long time is the blogging world.

  5. Congratulations on two big events: your 5th blogoversary and being named one of the top 40 Genealogy Blogs for 2012. I've always enjoyed your site and your comments on my site. Here's wishing as much success in the next five year and beyond!


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