Friday, November 18, 2011

On the hunt for roots in Hungary: The basics of Hungarian genealogy

If you have roots in Hungary, your research will center around the records of the Roman Catholic Church - no matter the faith of your ancestors.  That's one of the basic facts of Hungarian genealogy that I've shared in my latest article over at The Catholic Gene.

King St. Stephen presiding over Buda Castle, Budapest
It was over 1,000 years ago that the Hungarian state was founded under the leadership of Stephen I, later to be canonized and remembered as King St. Stephen.  Today as the Hungarian parliament has reaffirmed the nation's ties to its Catholic foundation with the creation of a new constitution, the faith of the Hungarian people continues into the 21st century. Anyone doing Hungarian genealogy will come face to face with the Catholic legacy of this nation. For more on this topic - including an overview of Hungarian research, tips and resources for the search, and examples from my own family tree - stop over to my article entitled Hungarian Genealogy: It All Goes Back to the Catholic Church.

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