Friday, October 7, 2011

Catholic Family History: The Rosary Through the Centuries

"Along with these mysteries we also weave our intentions, thoughts, imaginations, emotions, and desire for union with Christ." 
Thus wrote Alice Camille, M. Div. within her recent article Full of Grace: Reclaiming the Rosary, about the age-old Catholic devotion of praying the Rosary while meditating on the mysteries within the life of Christ.  In the case of my family, along with "weaving" those things as we pray the Rosary, we are weaving new strands into the same fabric of faith that has been passed down to us through many generations over the centuries.

My beloved great-grandmother's portrait
draped with one of her handcrafted Rosaries
The Rosary in its current form has been a part of the lives of faith-filled Catholics for over 500 years, and part of my family for many generations.  If you have Catholic ancestors, chances are that the Rosary played a role in their lives, too.  Visit my latest articles over at The Catholic Gene for a tribute to the Rosary as the Catholic church celebrates the Memorial of Our Lady of the Rosary.  Within my article Ave Maria in the Languages of Our Ancestors you'll find photographs of a Franciscan Monastery Rosary Portico where you can read the prayers of the Rosary in the languages of your ancestors.  Visit String of Prayer: The Rosary in the Lives of Our Ancestors to read the story of the age-old devotion Catholics call the Rosary - including the story of a dramatic naval battle - and to learn more about the tradition of Rosary-making being passed down within my family.

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