Saturday, November 28, 2009

Surname surprise: "Captcha" in the family tree

I was writing a comment on someone else's blog and thanking them for reading and commenting here at 100 Years in America. I completed my comment and was surprised to find one of the family surnames that I research popping up as the "captcha" word:
I did a double take. How had this little bit of magic happened?

I'll be on the lookout for my other 100 Years in America surnames in "captcha" mode. I'm not sure I'll be seeing Kerekgyártó anytime soon, but how about Bedenica, Bencze, Globlek, Nagy, Németh or Ujlaki?


  1. Fascinating. I noticed that they were sometimes words. That was a nice surprise.

  2. Thanks, Nick, for your comment. I'm glad to correspond with another Toth researcher such as yourself! I accidentally rejected your comment in Blogger, but I've copied and pasted it here again thanks to email.


    << NickMGombash has left a new comment on your post "Surname surprise: "Captcha" in the family tree":

    That's pretty neat. I descend from several (unconnected) Toth families too. >>


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