Friday, December 26, 2008

Stipendan, Ivendan and a little Croatian brandy

Today, December 26, is the second day of Christmas and also the feast of St. Stephen (Sveti Stipan in Croatian). Tomorrow, the third day of Christmas, is the feast day of St. John the Apostle (Sveti Ivo).

Ivan Ćurković, on his Croatian family history blog, has described the St. Stephen's Day and St. John's Day traditions of his family members and others from the Buško Blato area of Croatia.

If you go visiting on Stipendan (St. Stephen's Day) or Ivendan (St. John the Apostle's Day), you may find yourself the recipient of some good Croatian treats, such as walnuts or Croatian brandy, called rakija.

If you do go for a visit, don't forget to greet the host with this traditional greeting of the season:

Hvaljen Isus i Marija; dobro vam došao Božić i Sveti Stipan i Sveti Ivo!

Praised be Jesus and Mary; may this Christmas and St. Stephen's and St. John’s be a good one!

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