Saturday, September 27, 2008

Getting to know "100 Years in America"

It has been more than a year since I began sharing my family history on my three blogs: my Hungarian/Croatian side of the family here at 100 Years in America and my Irish side of the family at Small-leaved Shamrock (with an emphasis on my Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania roots) and A light that shines again (with an emphasis on my Boston and Quincy, Massachusetts immigrant ancestors).

This was certainly not the beginning of my interest in genealogy, however. I have been researching my family’s story for more than a quarter of a century. You can read a little background at Why do I trace my family tree?

I initially began blogging to share with my extended family what I had learned. (See The Gift of the Photograph: Uniting Families With Their History for the full story.) Instead, I found that my readers often included many others: those with a connection to the places, cultures and other subjects that I write about. My hope is that as I continue to write I will inspire others, particularly young people, to gain a better understanding and appreciation of their own place in history.

To get a further introduction to 100 Years in America, you might enjoy reading the following. Inspired by Terry Thornton's "Getting to Know You" challenge, I've listed what I've chosen as the "brightest", "breeziest" and "most beautiful" articles here at 100 Years in America.

(my best work): Međimurje: Meeting place of rivers and cultures

(best light-hearted article): The love of fine cars: it's in the genes

Most beautiful: Remembering Mother Magdalena: 1860-1957

I choose not to write too much about myself on my various family history blogs. The preservation of the stories of my family's deeper history are usually my focus. However, you can learn a little more about me at The view from my corner of the world. Thanks for reading. I appreciate your comments, so please write!

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