Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Croatian genealogy how-to guide: tips to get you started

As far as I know, there are only two sites in the blogosphere that currently focus on Croatian genealogy in the English language: 100 Years in America and Ćurković.ca.

I have been a fan of Ivan Ćurković's blog since I discovered it over a year ago. It is nice to have a fellow blogger writing about the world of my ancestors, even though we do not share a family connection and we are usually focusing on different regional areas.

As a son of Croatian immigrants living in Canada, Ivan has connections to family back in Europe that many of those researching their ancestors may not have. He also has something that I wish I could share: a proficiency with the Croatian language!

Ivan has traced his Croatian ancestors back nine generations (that's 300 years) to an area of what is now Bosnia-Hercegovina called Buško Blato and maintains a website about the genealogy of families from the area at Buš

Ivan has recently put together a series of articles that have very helpful tips for those getting started and/or wanting to make further progress on researching their Croatian roots. At this point, he has three installments in his series. I'm looking forward to more in the future! Here are parts one, two and three:
If you have Croatian roots I highly encourage you to read Ivan's articles and browse his blog for ideas and inspiration. Thanks, Ivan, for being such a good neighbor in the online world of Croatian genealogy!


  1. Likewise, I'd like to thank you for being a great blogging neighbour. Your blog is one of the most interesting genealogy related blogs out there and I always enjoy reading it.

  2. Thank you both!! I have recently found out my paternal grandfather had come to the US from Croatia. With the help of a few people on the boards at Rootsweb, I found my great grandfathers birth name, the town he was born in and his mother!

    I will be delving more into this history this year and this will all be a great help!!

  3. Wow!

    Thanks for the heads up about this.

    As you know my immediate roots are in Macedonia, but I believe that I can learn some useful things from exploring both your blogs.

    In the next day or so I'm gonna be adding you both to my Genealogy Blogroll. ;-D


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