Sunday, November 2, 2008

Remembering the departed on All Souls' Day

On the heels of All Saints' Day (celebrated yesterday with fanfare in many parts of the world) is the feast of All Souls', a day to honor all those who have died.

On this day Catholics in Croatia, along with others throughout the world, remember and pray for their departed loved ones, visiting cemeteries and lighting candles in their honor.

This tradition is carried out in Croatian cemeteries both large and small. Mirogoj, the beautiful and often visited cemetery in Zagreb, is known for the spectacular pilgrimage that brings many onto its grounds each November 2. In the evening Mirogoj will be glowing with thousands of candles lit by loved ones remembering their departed.

My ancestors are buried in smaller cemeteries in the northern villages of Croatia, and since I won't be able to visit their graves this Dan mrtvih (All Souls' Day), I remember them here and share with you some images of the Međimurje region, where many of them are laid to rest.

A blessed All Saints' Day (Dan svih svetih) and All Souls' Day (Dan mrtvih) to you!

Image and video thanks to Turistička zajednica Međimurske županije (Međimurje Tourist Board).

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