Monday, May 26, 2008

News about the Croatian Archives online

I was interested to read Ivan Curkovic's May 22 update on the ARHiNET project to digitize and place online records from the Croatian State Archives (with help from the Republic of Croatia Ministry of Culture).

Ivan has very graciously summarized (in English!) the Croatian update on ARHiNET that he read on the Republic of Croatia Ministry of Culture's website. Visit his summary on to learn more about this up and coming resource for Croatian genealogists. It looks like Microsoft and Silverlight have been enlisted to assist the project. The scope of the project is huge: it may potentially involve the digitization of 23 kilometers of archival material in the Croatian national archives and an additional 90 kilometers of documents currently located across Croatia, some dating back to the fifth century. At this point, ARHiNET contains about 400,000 sets of records.

Exciting news for those of us interested in our Croatian roots and the history of the people of Croatia!

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