Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Irish of Central Europe?

Andrew Simon in his 1998 publication Made in Hungary: Hungarian Contributions to Universal Culture, provides an interesting descriptive stereotype of the Hungarian people:
"The Hungarian character, if one may allow such generalizations, may be described by such manifestations as acute individualism, pervasive sense of humor, a tendency to showmanship and passionate hospitality....

"The definition of a Hungarian, to quote one of their world renowned savants, is 'the person who gets into the revolving door behind you and gets out ahead of you.' Their history, punctuated by foreign invasions, sharpened their survival skills. Connoisseurs of wine, women and song, they have been called 'the Irish of Central Europe'."
Maybe that explains how the Hungarian and Irish branches of my family became connected. No wonder they were drawn to eachother!

As simplified as these stereotypical descriptions seem, I can certainly see some truth to them. My grandfather in particular certainly had the talent to pull a trick such as the revolving door exit mentioned above and he certainly exhibited a "pervasive sense of humor".

For more on Hungarians and their contribution to the world via invention, musical composition, etc. you might enjoy reading Simon's complete article on the Corvinus Library Hungarian History website.

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