Friday, March 7, 2008

Legacy of courage: a tribute to the women that came before us

On the walls of my dining room I have hung photographs of family members. Most of them are in black and white or sepia, and some were taken many years ago - even many decades before I was born.

Surrounding the table where our family gathers today for special meals are the faces of those that have gone before us, and whose memory I hope to keep alive in the minds of myself and my children. The youngest generation may not have ever known these family members who lived so many years before, but their presence is here with us via their photographs and the stories of their lives that we remember together.

I am often especially inspired by the photographs of several of the mothers present in my dining room "gallery" - mothers of various times and generations. As a mother myself, I have moments when the struggle to perseverere in patience can be challenging. I have often found encouragement to continue after a short visit to the photographs of those women that have come before me, a few minutes to ponder the struggles that they faced in their own lives, and a prayer to God to share their strength and courage.

In this month of March, designated as Women's History Month, 100 Years in America honors the memories of those women whose dedication to their homes and families, often in the midst of great struggle and suffering, have contributed so much to who we are today.

To our mothers of all generations, past and present: a heartfelt, "Thank-you". Though many of your lives have passed, your legacy lives on, and the memory of your courage and love inspires us in our own lives today.

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  1. Lisa,

    What a wonderful way to be inspired (using a gallery of women)! Thank you for sharing your lovely story.

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