Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Valentine tribute to my ancestors

In honor of St. Valentine's Day today I thought I would remember some of the married couples in the Ujlaki and Toth family trees whose wedding dates I know (and some I don't).

Here's to all the loving couples in this extended family (several generations back). Without them there would be no family tree!

Stjepan & Magdalena (Bedenica) Bence

Josip & Terezija (Globlek) Ujlaki

Ferencz & Ilona (Bence) Ujlaki
Married February 15, 1905 in Legrad, Hungary's Catholic Church (now in Croatia)

Juro & Katarina (Bence) Simon

Istvan & Louisa (Bence) Vidakovic

Adam & Katarina Bence

Josef & Barbára (Nagy) Németh

István & Mária (Németh) Tóth
Married in Gelej or Korlat, Hungary

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