Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Read any good books lately?

You may have noticed the Related Reading sidebar that I placed on 100 Years in America months ago. It provides links to the current books in my 100 Years in America Library Thing account that relate to Croatia, Hungary, New York, Ellis Island, and similar topics.
Library Thing has given me a nice way to keep track of books with a focus on these subjects, and to find other books on similar topics that I may be interested in reading.

Now I've discovered another new online "toy" for readers: Goodreads. It is a site that takes the idea of Library Thing one step further. Through Goodreads I have just set up a genealogy group to list and discuss books on subjects related to family history.

Interested in participating? Take a break from those good family history books you're reading and click on this link to join us. I'm looking forward to hearing about what's on your bookshelf.

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