Thursday, February 28, 2008

Update on baby Lajos: his arrival at Ellis Island

With much surprise I read the comment that Donna Pointkouski of What's Past is Prologue had added to my previous post entitled Lajos long forgotten: an immigrant baby's story.

Donna had read the story of little Lajos and was intrigued as I was, wanting to determine the conclusion of the Tóth family's trip - so she did.

I was overwhelmed when I read her message, posted as a comment on my previous post. She wrote:
What a great post! Sad in a way, but nice to find that name and speak it once again. But, I hate mysteries... especially since I just named Steve Morse's site as my favorite for the COG. So, let me put you at ease. Little Lajos survived the trip and did NOT die at should be able to find his death record in Trenton. How do I know this? I found them. I'll email you the Ellis Island record. I tried Steve's site for the ship name, month/year, age 23-25, and a Hungarian Maria with no last name. Ellis Island has them indexed as Foth.

What joy to know that baby Lajos had made it across the Atlantic along with his family on the fifteen day trip from Hamburg, arriving on May 19, 1907. The ship manifest lists each family members' name, and even indicates their father's address in Trenton, New Jersey which was their final destination (although it is hard to read).

Now I can take the next step and look for the family in Trenton and hopefully someday visit little Lajos' grave.

Thank-you, Donna, for the best blog comment I've ever received. You made my day. Thanks for taking an interest in this "mystery" along with me. I appreciate and admire the way that you cleverly solved it so quickly!

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