Wednesday, March 26, 2008

First Croatian Catholic church in the U.S. may find new life as a museum

The home of the first ethnic Croatian parish in the United States, twice slated for demolition, has been given one more chance at remaining alive, possibly as a museum. The 108-year-old St. Nicholas Catholic Church in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, whose parish was merged with another area church in 2004, will probably not see a future as a diocesan building. Instead, the Church may sell the property to the Croatian American Cultural and Economic Alliance, who has an interest in preserving it for historic reasons.

For more information on St. Nicholas, see the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review's March 25, 2008 article entitled Vacant North Side church may find new life. A 2007 article from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette regarding the removal of religious objects from the church is also of interest and includes a photo of the church.

Updates from the Preserve Croatian Heritage Foundation which was "established to save and preserve the beautiful St. Nicholas Croatian Roman Catholic Church" can be viewed at their website.

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